Social Forestry - Land development

Developed 60 Arcres of Hilly terrain by bush clearance, preparation of soil by ploughing and clearance of small rocks and boulders making it cultivable.


Planted Mango, Cashew and Coconut Implemented best irrigation practices by installing Drip Irrigation System, practicing best plant protection and production techniques thereby reducing cost of production and improving the yield. Continuous cultivation of Vegetables improvement of production by introduction of new varieties and Hybrid varieties. Distributed over 10,000 saplings of various varieties and assisted them with the knowledge of cultivation of the horticultural crops.


Cultivation of local agricultural crops with the help of local agricultural university thereby demonstration of new cultivation practices. Our project provided a platform for the government departments and local agricultural universities for agricultural extension . Farmers were largely benefited over a period of last 15 years through our extension programmes by on-fram demonstration. Farmers are benefited in terms of Knowledge of Best Practices, Higher Agricultural Yields, and Raise in incomes.