Animal Husbandry


As a part of Dairy Project, we setup up Milk Production Dairy unit with 60 animals. 12 acres of fodder and legume cultivation. Implemented best practices in fodder cultivation, calf production by artificial insemination, calf care, animal care and milk production. Periodical training to farmers and local youth for setting up milk production Dairy for self employment.

Many young farmers took up the activity of milk production at domestic level on continuous basis, earn a regular living by supplying the milk to the local co-operative milk dairy marketing unit.

Goat Rearing

Goat rearing is one activity in the local area for small income to families and also profession to local shepherds. RISDT provided local poor farmers with 10 batches of goats and provided rearing facilities to ensure livelihood.
Beneficiaries rear the goat and sell the young kids to local farmers and communities who rear goat for milk and meat purposes with the knowledge and gain an additional income to their regular income.