Leprosy Control Programme

Over the past 28 years, 7851 leprosy patients have been treated and the prevalence rate of the disease has dropped to 0.90 percent in the project areas of RISDT.

  • Prevention of Impairments and Disability (POID)
    In 2010, FAIRMED in collaboration with Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated an innovative pilot in East Godavari along with Guntur district - Prevention of Impairments and Disabilities among Persons affected by Leprosy (POID)...
  • Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation [DPMR]
    NLEP has recognized the RISDT as one of the ten Re-Construction Surgeries (RCS) centers in the state. The program is to achieve disability prevention in leprosy by early case deduction, Prevention of leprosy related disabilities (POD), correction of deformities to improve the functions of that part... Read more>>>
  • Rehabilitation Center for Leprosy Patients
    In 1990, RISDT established Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre at Kathipudi. Annually, the center rehabilitates 15 patients by providing food, shelter, and clothing besides medical services. Vocational training opportunities are also provided to enable fresh start and restore lost self-esteem and personal dignity... Read more>>>
  • Referral Hospital
    The exclusive unit for Leprosy control at the hospital has the basic facilities for In & out-patient treatment. RISDT partnered with NLEP by implementing SET (Survey Education & Treatment) in East and West Godavari districts and organized MDT program as per government guidelines... Read more>>>