HIV/AIDS Control Programme

  • Community Care Center (CCC)
    CCC is a Community based facility that offers counseling, support and treatment for People Living with HIV/AIDS. The objective of RISDT-CCC is to prevent the situation worsening from the present ‘concentrated epidemic’ to ‘general epidemic’ stage... Read more>>>
  • Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC)
    The ICTC is a gateway for a host of related services in HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Besides testing and treating the patients, ICTC links patients with legal aid services, welfare services and facilitates access to public distribution systems, nutrition, alternative employment, education and child care services and care homes... Read more>>>
  • Children Affected By AIDS (CABA)
    The programme is aimed at mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on children and their families. Children affected by HIV/AIDS suffer from the loss of caring adults, depletion of household financial resources, and the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease... Read more>>>
  • Balasahyoga
    To improve the quality of life of children and families infected & affected by HIV/AIDS, a consortium of partners and APSACS has accorded permission for a Balasahyoga project in Amalapram of East Godavari district, a hyper endemic district for HIV/AIDS... Read more>>>