FM supports the services of several hospitals those are involved in treatment and care for leprosy affected and that also provides health care for the poor. It collaborates with the Government of India (GoI) especially in activities related to the national Leprosy and TB control programs and in view of prevention and rehabilitation of disabilities. Additionally, FM engages itself in projects of community based rehabilitation of leprosy affected and other disabled persons as well.

The above-mentioned programs are on one side implemented through a network of NGO’s that are supported financially, technically, and programmatically by FM. Additional major initiatives of FM also include the own and direct projects in the field of urban health and the prevention of disability and of community based rehabilitation. FM in collaboration with German Leprosy &TB Relief Association (GLRA) has established a fund raising department to raise local financial resources to support activities implemented through FM supported project partners. 

FM is the founder member of the ILEP in India along with being a member of the National TB Consortium (NTC). We’re also the CCM member of the Global Fund in India. 

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