Survey Education & Treatment (SET)

Rural India Self Development Trust supported Govt. NLEP by implementing ‘SET’ (Survey Education & Treatment) strategy in the assigned area by the state Govt. in West Godavari district since 1986 and organised MDT programme in the same area from 1987 in West Godavari as per Govt. guidelines. Because of this experience and reputation gained in West Godavari project, State Govt. has allotted 5,00,000 population in Peddapuram division with Kathipudi as Head Quarter in 1989 to implement MDT programme in East Godavari district. The project area covers 136 villages & 2 towns in 255 Sq. Kms area.

As per Govt. guidelines, MDT has been delivered under the supervision of MO to patients through ‘71’ drug delivery points and able to treat 7851 patients and achieve goal of elimination i.e. less than 1/ 10,000 from the basic level PR 155 / 10,000 by Dec,2003 and programme has been phased out since 2003.