Leprosy rehabilitation programme

RISDT strives to continue its fight to end the disease that has condemned sufferers to isolation, rejection by help early detection, offering care and treatment with rehabilitation opportunities through its partners.

Rehabilitation of leprosy patients during treatment and after cure is one of the key aspects of leprosy care that RISDT initiated over years. Rehabilitation has several dimensions mainstreaming those affected; providing livelihoods; rebuilding hope, confidence and self esteem; creating enabling environment and finally influencing policies that enlarges the scope of wider care.

The rehabilitation center established in 1996 at Annavaram in East Godavari district of AP which continues to cater to the needs of many leprosy affected people in the area. Training is provided for upgrading skills in improved agricultural practices, horticulture and floriculture every year. Those trained are gainfully employing their skills back in their own villages.

Rehabilitation measures:

RISDT currently engaged in the following activities in addressing the above rehabilitation issues:

  • Counseling and mentoring
  • Skill building and up gradation in farm, off-farm and on-farm activities
  • Providing financial and managerial assistance for entrepreneurial development and self employment
  • Providing housing
  • Pensions for the destitute

Despite resource constrains as a result of Governments complete shift towards HIV/ AIDS , RISDT continues to maintain a rehabilitation centre with a dedicated team to provide counseling and self care. We are also providing drugs and treatment to their pestering ulcers besides nutritious food.