History of RISDT

In the year 1983, a small clinic in a hutment of a leprosy patient was started at Kaleru village. There were more than 20 leprosy patients in Kaleru who used to cycle or walk 42 kms to Leprosy hospital at Bommuru to get merely dressing for ulcers. The help they get at Bommuru would soon be lost and damaged due to long distance cycling. They had no other option, as they were too poor to pay for any other forms of travel and the government hospital nearer by hand hardly have any drugs.

They were poor and could not afford private medical services. The socio stigma was another burden. Many of them did not have access to their curable curse. Mr. Bruno Jehle of Switzerland who talked to many of them was moved. He listened to their conditions. He planned an alternative with the help of Mr. Ch. S T Krupa Rao, Non-medical assistant of Bommuru.

Mr. Bruno was instrumental in starting this clinic at Kaleru to see that the patients get at least weekly dressing and basic drugs at their village itself. Mr. Krupa Rao, made frequent visits to Kaleru from Bommuru to provide proper dressing and minimum medical assistance to these patients with the opening of PEOPLES CLINIC on 03 rd April 1983.

The NMA and one dresser used to go early in the morning to attend the PEOPLES CLINIC. As there was no proper transport facility, they used to face lot of troubles. Gradually the number of patients increased to 119 by the end of the first year. Correspondingly the medical services increased.

Today after 28 years, these efforts have grown into an institution that includes a leprosy control programme, referral hospital, TB control programme, community health centre,HIV/AIDS control programme, rehabilitation centre, dairy programme and several more.