The Partners

The support of entire health system or region-wise epidemic programmes are met by strong, international donors and initiatives such as FAIRMED and Kalpavruksha. Wherever possible, we offer our knowledge and experience so as to be able to carry out meaningful projects to strengthen the basic medical services in conjunction with these partners.

FAIRMED (FM) is a development organization that works with a mandate of ‘health for the poorest’. It’s prime focus is in addressing health and poverty related issues with an underlying philosophy that poor living conditions affects the health and well-being of individuals and communities... Read more >>>

The Kalpavruksha supports two multi-layered projects in India with RISDT. These projects provide medical care, education and jobs for the disadvantaged rural population. Kalpavruksha organize fund raising, provide volunteers. Our work is purely voluntary.The association consists since 2008. The projects that we support do exist, but much longer: they were over 25 years of Matina Hämmerli and Bruno Jehle launched before...Read more >>>