Referral English Medium High School (REMHS)

REMHS was founded in 2003 by Rural India Self Development Trust (RISDT) and managed by Matina Educational Society. The school's existence is attributed to FAIRMED and its long-term vision of serving and meeting medical and educational needs of people under RISDT project area. The school is situated on Chennai-Kolkata highway at Kathipudi, East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The school has a vast campus spread across over Five Acres of land nestled in the bosom of Mother Nature with hills behind it. The school has an approximate built-up area of 40000 sq.ft with three storied blocks.

Aim for a 3-Dimensional development of every student to help successfully face the competitive world on own. The academics, games & sports, co-curricular activities and hobbies are designed intricately to promote the highest standards in all respects of the curriculum. We aim to identify every student's potential and provide appropriate resources for the fulfillment of that potential.

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